More Leading Edges—Article and Events

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A few months ago I wrote about the Leading Edges of Type. I’m happy to say that the article, The Leading Edge of Type, I referenced has been very well received so in case you missed it, I want to let you know about it again. Someone kindly told me about about an error in a table so that has been corrected. Somehow, I had transposed the extraverted Intuiting and introverted Sensing phrases on page 16. Editing seems to be an endless task and I was so happy to have someone let me know about this mistake.

This got me to look at this article again and really appreciate the fine thinking of all those thought leaders that came before me. This is especially poignant for me since I seem to be missing David Keirsey these days and am wondering if he really got to know how many people he impacted so profoundly.

I also want to let you know about the Integral Leadership in Action (ILIA) conference. I will be presenting at this conference next week and they recently changed it from an in-person event to a teleconference event, which means that you can easily attend AND the price is very affordable.

The registration fee of $179 includes participation in ALL 8 sessions, over four days, including access to edited conference recordings after the event. Or opt to participate fully, but receive no recorded material, for a discounted price of $139.
Registration will increase to $199 Tuesday, Sept 24.

My topic is Meeting Them at Their View of The World and Beyond – Types, Perspective Taking, and Leadership at the Edges. You can read more about the sessions here.

Stay tuned for the release of the really innovative, knock-your-socks-off Matrix Insights tool I’ve been working on with a team that includes Roger Pearman and Dario Nardi. It will be included free in the Berens CORE Approach Facilitation Training in December! Be the first to get training that incorporates the Berens CORE Approach with how to use this breakthrough tool for coaching and organizational impact.

Please join me in the Community of Practice where we will be discussing the new type lens, Cognitive Styles, as well as other leading edge topics.