We repeatedly receive positive feedback about our training and workshops.

It was a rare, truly healing privilege to spend five intensive days with you — not only because you are a profoundly seasoned, wise, compassionate genius and expert in your field, not only because you offer a fresh, original, highly beneficial paradigm shift in the field of type, but also because you are a master trainer and educator.  All of these co-arising factors made this an unprecedented week of transformative learning. Deborah Boyar, Ph.D.

I believe the integration of multiple models, including Ego Development and others…very helpful to illustrate the levels of development distinct from type. As a bonus the materials and training tools are always so well organized and reader friendly with a nice balance of theory and excellent instructor guides. As always, your presentation style, illustrative examples and thoughtful approach are top notch. Chris Montoya, HR Training Manger, Bernalillo County Govt., Albuquerque, NM

I’m not an Organizational Development expert nor am I in HR so I needed some background in better understanding how our personal make up and communication styles impact our success.  Your training in Temperament and Interaction Styles was the perfect foundation on which to build a training program. The extremely well crafted lesson plans made learning fun and interesting and the Facilitator’s Guide is so well assembled that most of the work is already done in setting up our own training.  I’ve attended a number of training programs in my years in this business but none were more professionally developed and presented as yours. Michael Valentine, Swagelok Northern California

There is much more I could say about the value of the cognitive dynamics, temperament and interaction styles models because I have thought about these concepts regularly since the training. I learned an enormous amount during the week with Linda and Linda and have found the frameworks useful, enlightening and entertaining.  I had the opportunity to lead a couple of team building class sessions at Chapman University on temperament and perspective shifting. It was a lively learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to the further integration of these concepts into the work that I am currently doing. Thank you! Lori Zucchino, Executive Director, Leadership Development Associates

The most valuable aspect of the training was the overall theory and experiential practice training design.  The overall design assisted in the process of how to interpret and explain the instrument results in a more useful and effective manner. I have never seen such a clear breakdown of each component before when using personality type information. The best-fit self discovery process was most helpful for me, since it allows the reported type information to be more relevant and/or clear when it matches or does not match self identified best fit personality type. Nancy Chen Lane, Training Manager, Training and Development, Human Resources,University of California, Irvine

There were many valuable take-away from the workshop, but most revolve around the excellent insights that were in addition to simply the uses of the MBTI® instrument.  It was good to receive the temperament information as a bonus to truly gaining more depth to understanding personality type. George E. Reed, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Leadership Studies, University of San Diego

The facilitators are excellent and extremely knowledgeable in what they teach.  They also go out of their way to try to accommodate the participants’ questions and concerns.  Also, your whole team does an excellent job of making it “safe” and comfortable learning environment for learning and asking questions. David Zobler, HRS-Workforce & Organization Development,Los Angeles County Office of Education

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