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Leaders are increasingly asked to deal with very complex problems. No matter what leadership development programs are in place, leaders need a way to effectively deal with the individual differences among those they lead.

If you are a leader in an organization, we know many of your lie-awake-at-night issues center around people. Do you have the right people? Are they doing the right work? Are they engaged? Are they motivated? Are they getting the work done? Are clients satisfied? And the list goes on. As a leader you have to concern yourself with the organization, teams, and individual contributors. But what about you?

Leadership starts with you. Leaders must first know themselves. It requires self-leadership first. Do you know your natural, innate tendencies that are driving your behavior? They may be contributing to great success or they may be your greatest downfall. How can you lead if you don’t know your strengths, weakness, and blindspots?

Effective leaders must work with the individual differences among those they lead so they can make space for diverse talents and perspectives and shift their communications. How can you lead if you don’t understand those you lead?

You can’t. So we offer some help through coaching and developing special programs. The Berens CORE approach indicates which needs and drives are not being met so help locate a source of deep stress so this work goes beyond personality type information.

We also help leadership development specialists integrate the Berens CORE approach into their programs such as the one developed by US Airways under the guidance of Berens COREworks associate, Linda Ernst.

In addition to your leadership skills, your natural temperament, Interaction Style, and Cognitive Dynamics affect all aspects of your leadership including . . .

  • Leadership styles
  • Communication
  • Talents and thus preferred approaches
  • Biases for information you pay attention to
  • Biases for evaluating that information
  • Blind spots

We have a tendency to privilege natural tendencies and be blind to the contributions of other styles, talents, and information. To overcome blindspots . . .

  • Recognize your own tendencies
  • Recognize the value of other tendencies
  • Learn to hold back on your natural inclinations for actions so others can bring their talents to bear
  • Select for diversity rather than what feels comfortable and familiar
  • Enlist the help of others to fill in your blind spots
  • Develop some skill in less preferred aspects

Leadership development coaching and special programs build on the Berens CORE Approach to help leaders …

  • Recognize their own talents and develop them further
  • Recognize the talents of others so they can be developed
  • Recognize value of other approaches and develop skill in them
  • Identify sources of stress in themselves and others and manage that stress

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