The Berens CORE™ Intensive

Please note that this in-person course is not being offered this year. We invite you to explore our 3 online Certifications that cover the same content and lead to becoming Certified in the Berens CORE™ Approach.

The Berens CORE™ Approach is an ideal method for professionals looking for a comprehensive process that not only uses simple, yet rich, models for understanding human behavior but also affects the bottom line. In fact, Berens CORE™ facilitators report:

  • Immediate Impact: After just one introductory session with their groups/teams, enthusiasm, sense of community and practice of perspective shifting increases. We provide you with the resources to get started right away.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Their participants have shared that not only has this process enabled them to tap into talents they were unaware of, it also gave them a sense that the organization cared about them and their well-being.
  • Shifts in Management Practices: Managers easily integrate and use the Berens CORE™ Approach and the methods taught to increase employee engagement.
  • Improved Communication: Using the tools, resources and processes provided conflict is minimized and understanding and valuing of differences is increased.

Join us for this powerful 5-day experience… Contact to be put on the wait list for 20017 or for more information.

Venue for July 18-22, Berens, CORE Intensive.

Venue for July 18-22, 2016 Berens CORE™ Intensive.

“The Berens CORE Approach has supported our efforts in understanding the people side of our business by honoring those individual differences within our corporate culture.  Applying this model has made the difference between success and failure, understanding and conflict, appreciation and exclusion.”  

Leslie-Anne Harants, Chief Culture Officer, 3Rivers FCU


This experiential program is for professionals who want to improve communication practices, facilitate human agility, collaboration, change, and development. The Berens CORE Intensive provides you with the awareness and practices for skill development that enable you to…

  • Master the dynamics of self-steering and self-management
  • Dramatically improve communication and relationships
  • Tap into talents and best environments
  • Transform conflict into effective use of differences
  • Better prevent and manage stress
  • Develop the much needed agility skills of
    • Holding space for others
    • Perspective taking
    • Perspective seeking
  • Increase engagement, happiness, and well-being
  • Increase impact and sustainability through the use of the innovative, highly interactive Matrix Insights software that combines relationship building and personal development guidance with actionable strategies and online tools for enhancing effectiveness, teamwork, and leadership development.

“It was a rare, truly healing privilege to spend five intensive days with you—not only because you are a profoundly seasoned, wise, compassionate genius and expert in your field, not only because you offer a fresh, original, highly beneficial paradigm shift in the field of type, but also because you are a master trainer and educator. All of these co-arising factors made this an unprecedented week of transformative learning.” Deborah Boyar, Ph.D.

“Your training in Temperament and Interaction Styles was the perfect foundation on which to build a training program. The extremely well crafted lesson plans made learning fun and interesting and the Facilitator’s Guide is so well assembled that most of the work is already done in setting up our own training. I’ve attended a number of training programs in my years in this business but none were more professionally developed and presented as yours.” Michael Valentine, Swagelok Northern California

The timely focus of this Intensive is developing the capacity to adapt quickly and effectively to ever changing situations without losing sight of purpose. It is key to effective decision-making, conflict resolution, polarity management, collaboration, good relationships, and self-management. Developing our own agility is essential for adapting and flourishing in light of the new emerging paradigms in the world today.

“Today’s market environment places a premium on speed, flexibility, and the ability to lead in uncertain situations. At the same time, the flattening of organizations has created an explosion in demand for leadership skills at every level.” Deloitte University Press in the Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report.

New paradigms are emerging for how organizations can be self-organizing and transcend the limitations of the conventional top down power structure. These paradigms also need individuals to have self-management skills and the agility to adapt and integrate differing perspectives.

Berens CORE™

The Berens CORE Approach was developed by Dr. Linda Berens over the course of the last 30 years. Starting with a view of individuals as holistic living systems, she realized the need to focus on building self-awareness skills and learner-owned identification of their own personality patterns rather than personality ‘test’ results. These skills have helped her clients develop much-needed awareness and agility that has stayed with them throughout their lifetime. Most of all, the information learned about themselves and others is so profound that it can be life changing. With this approach there is an almost instant buy-in because it leaves room to grow and develop. The Berens CORE Approach provides us with a way to help address the individual differences that make relationships challenging. It also helps develop self-management skills. It uses lightly held, integrated multiple models to help us identify what is at our individual core as well as a path to development and agility. Each model or lens sheds a different light on human complexity and helps us see clearly what drives us. They are held lightly, meaning that there is always room for exceptions and variations. Each lens gives us different information about who we are…

  • Interaction Styles tells us how we are inclined to relate to others. It also gives us a map for how we handle conflict and stress.
  • Essential Motivators (aka Temperament) tells us why we do what we do—our core psychological needs and values that we must have for a sense of well being as well as the talents that help us get these needs met.
  • Cognitive Dynamics tells us what kinds of information processing we are likely to privilege and therefore identify our blind spots. This lens also gives us a map for our development and contributes to shadow work.

These lenses integrate at the level of the classic sixteen personality types based in Carl Jung’s theory and often represented by a four-letter type code. They are holistic in nature and identify deep operating principles that give us the keys to open the door to human agility.

The Berens CORE™ Approach helps us identify our core preferences, drives, behavior, and thinking so we can center and re-center ourselves to be at our best. Agility comes more easily when we are strong in our core and do not feel compelled to hang on tightly to it. Not only do we need to identify these core tendencies, we need maps for what is required by different situations and how to shift our behavior to match what is needed.

The CORE Approach provides practices such as integration of polarities, perspective taking, perspective shifting, and perspective seeking. The resulting awareness and skill practice moves us from a judgmental approach to an accepting and collaborative approach. We learn to step outside our habitual thinking and comfort zones and move into other spaces when we need to. More importantly, we make space for others to be at their best. The Berens CORE Approach is based on an understanding that we are human complex systems and therefore honors the wholeness and the uniqueness of each individual. It is complex enough to reflect the richness of what it means to be human, and yet simple enough to be practical and useful. It can be adapted to work for a variety of situations and developmental frames of mind and fosters both horizontal and vertical development.

Fees: Register early to get the best rate. Early registration discounts go fast!

  • First five seats: $2450
  • Second three seats: $3000
  • Regular Registration: $3450

2017 Dates are pending. Contact to be put on the wait list for 20017 or for more information

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