InterStrength™ is our new organization for training, coaching, consulting, and related products. Please visit us at for more information about learning opportunities and our publications.

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of coaching and learning options for individuals and for practitioners (coaches, consultants, facilitators, Learning and Development professionals). Please contact us at for more information or call Stephanie at (714) 623-8756

For Practitioners

We are pleased to be offering online certifications in the three main lenses used in the Berens CORE™ Approach, which is now renamed to the InterStrength CORE™ Approach. These courses are offered through InterStrength Institute (formerly Berens Institute).

Click here to get a special $800 discount if you sign up for bundle of all 3 courses. There is still time to sign up for Interaction Styles Certification that starts March 5, 2021.

InterStrength™ Interaction Styles Online Certification 2021 Live, Online Course.
Next course starts March 5, 2021. 
Payment plans available.

InterStrength™ Essential Motivators Certification 2021 Live, Online Certification
Next course starts May 14, 2021. 
Payment plans available.

InterStrength™ Cognitive Dynamics Online Certification Live, Online Course.
Next course starts August 13, 2021. 
Payment plans available.

Practitioner Coaching for Specific Needs
From deepening your own knowledge to coaching others to help with team and organization applications.

For Individuals

New, On-Demand Course: Dynamics of Personality Type, Helping You Understand Yourself and Apply Jung’s Cognitive Processes for Learning, Problem Solving and Communicating
This course will take you deep into your own Cognitive Dynamics Pattern as well as into deeply understanding Jung’s Cognitive Processes and applications. Work at your own pace. Current registration fee is $40 off with the launch discount. This course includes the content of the book of the same title as well as quizzes, surveys, and a Cognitive Dynamics Journal to download. You will also be eligible to register for a new special discussion group.

Your Self-Mastery: One-on-One Coaching
From beginning self-discovery to verifying your personality patterns to solving relationship and communication challenges.