We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of coaching options for individuals and for practitioners (coaches, consultants, facilitators, Learning and Development professionals). Please contact us at info@lindaberens.com for more information call Stephanie at (714) 623-8756

For Individuals

Understanding Yourself and Others: One-on-One Coaching
From beginning self-discovery to verifying your personality patterns to solving relationship and communication challenges.

For Practitioners

Berens Interaction Styles Certification
Live, Online Workshop. Introduction workshop is free. Join us January 20, 2017. Remaining 6 sessions begin February 10, 2017. Register early for discounted seats. 
Practitioner Coaching for Specific Needs
From deepening your own knowledge to coaching others to help with team and organization applications.
The Berens CORE™ Intensive


      • First five seats: $2450
      • Second three seats: $3000
      • Regular Registration: $3450

Date: 2017 dates pending. Contact info@lindaberens.com to be placed on wait list or for more information (714) 623-8756 


Exploring Temperament: Essential Motivators in The Communication Zone—On Demand

Experience the complete Linda Berens series of four online Essential Motivators workshops on demand for this introductory price of only $169! 

Price: $169.00


Available Spaces: Unlimited

Exploring Interaction Styles in The Communication Zone®—On Demand

Experience the complete Linda Berens series of four online Interaction Styles workshops on demand for this introductory price of only $169!

Price: $169.00


Available Spaces: Unlimited

Understanding Yourself and Others: One-on-One Coaching

Your coaching experience is designed especially for you. We will take you from wherever you are in your self-knowledge and self-management to wherever you want to be.

  • Understand your own Personal Patterns (also known as personality type)
    • What are your core needs, values, and talents?
    • What are your core energetic drives and aims?
    • What are your preferred ways of thinking about things?
  • Understand where you are in your development
  • Clarify your best-fit patterns
  • Understand your personal pattern of Cognitive Dynamics so you can better self-manage your behavior and your decisions
  • Understand your relationships
  • Understand and debrief interpersonal conflict

Experience finding your CORE for yourself in a customized individual coaching experience. You will identify the basic rules of your most hidden unconscious operating systems—your unconscious automatic ways of being and behaving—so you can…

  • Deeply understand your unconscious sources of stress
  • Better manage your stress and even help others with their stress
  • More effectively engage with others
  • Dramatically improve your communication
  • Increase your sense of purpose and engagement in your communities, families, and work life

Create your own Personal Pattern Map using three powerful lenses to identify your core self and your developed self. These lenses identify some core ‘rules’ of your personality as well as talents to help you ‘follow’ those rules.

  • Interaction Styles—How we interact and influence others
  • Essential Motivators—Why we do what we do
  • Cognitive Dynamics—What processes we use to think about things

Receive coaching to apply the Berens CORE Approach to help you better get your needs met while responding to the needs of others and followling your own developmental path…

  • Centering back into your core self
  • Opening to new experiences and other perspectives
  • Relating to others in productive, meaningful ways
  • Expanding into new levels of development

Coaching can also include Type Clarification, Transitions, and other special needs.

Fee: $150 per 50 minute session. Confirmation email will contain a link for you to schedule your session.

Logistics: Coaching sessions take place via the internet either through Skype or Zoom.

For more information, contact us as support(at)lindaberens.com or call Stephanie at 714-623-8756.

Price: $150.00


Available Spaces: Unlimited