Team Development

We know that most complaints about being on a team involve not being able to get through the storming stage into a productive state. Conflict is the life blood of a team. We know that from a productivity standpoint, if teams have no diversity, the outcomes suffer. How do we use individual differences on a team to make conflict productive and at the same time make working on a team a rewarding experience?

The sooner team members make the transition from “I” to “We” the more productive the team will be. The chemistry and culture of a team has as much influence on its success as any other aspect. Ultimately, its success depends on each member understanding and maximizing their own value on the team and capitalizing on contributions of those who are different. Teams are most effective and productive when everyone understands and acknowledges the talents, contributions, and perspectives of the others individually and of the unit.

Working directly with in-tact teams to help with team formation or with teams in trouble, Integral Typeworks’ associates help teams maximize team performance through understanding the influences on team dynamics and success and learn the five “Team Essentials” of for building high performance teams. You can expect results such as . . .

  • Maximize each persons contribution to the team by understanding their Interaction style and Temperament and the impact on the team
  • Understand the talents, contributions and perspectives of other team members
  • Map differences and more effectively manage them to increase team performance
  • Identify and avoid the deadly “BLM” syndrome
  • Transform conflict into creative energy and get better results
  • Acknowledge problems early and communicate proactive solutions positively
  • Meld together as a strong, cohesive team with a positive “Team Identity”

Additionally, we offer training programs to help build team work skills. These can be offered as part of a corporate university program or customized for specific needs. Here are some example workshop titles we have conducted:

  • Building Work Relationships
  • Interaction Essentials™ for Effective Teamwork
  • Working Remotely Together
  • The I in TEAM

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