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Tools and Practices for Transformational Leadership, Culture Change, and Coaching

The Berens CORE™ Approach is an ideal method for professionals looking for a comprehensive process that not only uses simple, yet rich, models for understanding human behavior but also affects the bottom line. In fact, Certified Berens CORE™ facilitators report:

  • Immediate Impact: After just one introductory session with their groups/teams, enthusiasm, sense of community and practice of perspective shifting increases. We provide you with the resources to get started right away.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Their participants have shared that not only has this process enabled them to tap into talents they were unaware of, it also gave them a sense that the organization cared about them and their well-being.
  • Shifts in Management Practices: Managers easily integrate and use the Berens CORE™ Approach and the methods taught to increase employee engagement.
  • Improved Communication: Using the tools, resources and processes provided conflict is minimized and understanding and valuing of differences is increased.

The Berens CORE Approach Program is the only intensive, breakthrough program for taking your practice to a whole new level. We help you leverage the certifications and tools you already have in your toolkit and give you a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

NEW! You’ll get a 1-year license for the innovative Matrix Insights tool for your own use as part of your pre-work and then application support for effective relationships, communication, teams, and development using the multiple lenses of type. You also get 5 one-year licenses for clients (or friends) so you can practice using the tool in your work and get follow-up coaching as part of the performance support.

Whether you call yourself a coach, an organization development consultant, a human resources professional, a therapist, or some other professional title, you probably see yourself as a change agent or growth agent. If you are on this page of our website, you may be interested in becoming a Berens CORE™ Practitioner. If you work in an organization your interest may be in finding out about ways we can assist you in your organization change initiatives. The Berens CORE™ Approach will help you . . .

  • Release untapped energy in individuals
  • Free up trapped energy in organizations

As a change agent or growth agent, you recognize the need to practice on the leading edge to get more clients, better serve your organization and distinguish yourself in a crowded field. You need to add world-class expertise to your tool kit.

Become a leading practitioner by using the most up-to-date theories, methods and technologies from Linda Berens Institute. Find out what past participants have said about our workshops.

Invest in your professional success, satisfaction, and impact. Learn how to use a richer, deeper, comprehensive system that catalyzes real and lasting change and development in your clients. The Berens CORE Approach builds on and goes beyond existing typology models and tools to increase acceptance and minimize client resistance. Berens CORE links to common models, bridging to previous typology work, and uses an interactive, self-awareness approach rather than relying on a forced-choice or either/or approach. This safe approach overcomes the challenges of installing type language in an organization.

Berens CORE provides a coherent view, blending three different ways of looking at human beings. Each provides a different lens for different situations. Each brings different information to understanding human behavior, meaning making, and interactions.

  • Interaction Styles—How we interact, influence and establish rapport (or not)
  • Essential Motivators (aka Temperament)—Why we do what we do, our deep motivations
  • Cognitive Dynamics—What information and evaluation process we tend to give preference to and be talented in

Each lens is easily understood and utilized; yet the Berens CORE approach gives the means to address the richness and complexity of human beings operating in complex living systems. Berens CORE is scalable and can be used as a language to improve communication, make conflict productive, and engage employees while promoting growth.

Help people as individuals or as contributors . . .

  • Discover more about their unique self and talents
  • Discover their blind spots and pitfalls
  • Have more effective conversations—personal and workplace
  • Better identify and manage their sources of stress

Help leaders and organizations . . .

Engage the energy and talents of contributors in service of the larger goals
Foster creative, productive conflict with a language to defuse escalations of differences
Help yourself . . .

  • Have renewed energy and enthusiasm for your work
  • Make a lasting impact on your clients or organization
  • Grow and develop personally and professionally (and have fun doing it!)
  • Achieve a new level of mastery in your field
  • Why not differentiate yourself and your professional practice using Berens CORE?

Sign up for the learning opportunity that suits you best so you can have…

  • More options and solutions for your clients
  • More entry points for working with their pain points
  • A proven technology with tools, techniques for the work with clients and strategies for getting the work
  • We look forward to sharing this transformative approach with you.

Contact us for a free white paper, The Leading Edge of Psychological Type or to discuss how we can help you evolve in your practice and this approach can be a fit with your organization. info(at)

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