My Work

You could say I’m an expert in type theory and I would say that the learning about type never stops. I love sharing what I know and teaching others. I especially love working with teams and organizations to help them install this body of knowledge as a language that transforms the team and the organization.

I’d love to explore how we might engage. You can reach me at linda (at) Here are a few of the areas in which I’m available to work.


  • Personal and Performance
  • Teams and Team Development
  • Professional Type Practitioners on the Interstrength Method

Cultural Initiatives

  • Cultural Improvement through Type as a Language
  • Organizational Change Initiatives
Additionally, I am available to train, certify, and coach on use and applications of the Interstrength Method.

Some highlights of my career have been . . .

  • Working with incredibly gifted and caring professionals as co-creators and collaborators
  • Working with whole organizations such as Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital installing Temperament Theory as a basis to improve communication and having that work go on long after we left.
  • Seeing my work carried on and applied in ways that will have a positive impact on organizations and the people in them and maybe even the world

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