InterStrength™ Cognitive Dynamics Certification

Learn to use the powerful InterStrength™ Approach with the rich Cognitive Dynamics lens that…

  • Blue trees with spiralGoes beyond dichotomies and labels and opens the door to development and cognitive diversity needed for todays complex and uncertain world
  • Identifies unconscious cognitive biases and talents that inform important life decisions, problem solving, and awareness
  • Integrates the wisdom of many great early thinkers like Carl Jung and modern day thinkers like John Beebe with current Developmental Theories
  • A way of understanding ourselves and others that helps build self-esteem and positive regard
  • An elegant, solid theory of individual differences that unlocks the real power in the 16 Jungian based personality types
InterStrength™ is the transformational, growth producing method that leads to honoring diversity and wholeness. It integrates well-grounded frameworks ofInterStrength™ Personal Patterns (aka ‘types’) and development.

Do you want to know more of its history and essential qualities of the Cognitive Dynamics lens? Read more here.

Attendance in the course is limited to 21people to ensure a learning environment with more interaction and personal attention. We will be following best practices for transforming classroom programs into a positive, online learning environment. There will be group activities, intersession assignments, and application work as well.

This Certification program is for professional practitioners who want to…

  • Have a comprehensive map for fostering cognitive diversity
  • Provide practices for their clients for improving relationships and dealing with conflict, decisions, and energy
  • Learn more about personality type using the practical Berens Cognitive Dynamics Lens
  • Get a firm grounding in how to use theInterStrength™ Approach to foster personal and interpersonal development using the Cognitive Dynamics Model
  • Have a new approach to understanding and explaining the richness of the 16 Jungian based Personality Types
  • Have their knowledge and skill level recognized through Certification
  • Join a community of practitioners who are dedicated to self-development as well as providing excellence to their clients

How it works:

  1. Once you register for the course, we will arrange for your individual discovery session with Dr. Linda Berens.
  2. Attend the 10 course sessions live if at all possible. If you have to miss a session, watch the recording and complete the assignments so you can be ready for the next session. These live sessions are rich with learnings from your cohort in breakout groups as well as with Dr. Berens.
  3. Before each session, complete your assignments to deepen your knowledge and apply what you learn. Assignments should take about 2 hours each week, except for preparation for the practice session, which will take more.
  4. You will have a practicum assignment to deliver a mini workshop or do a 1-on-1 session.
  5. Complete the assignments and knowledge assessments required during the program.

What you get:

  • A great learning experience
  • Knowledge, resources, and capacity to create a variety of development experiences
  • An actionable coaching framework to use with your clients
  • 4 booklets from the Understanding Yourself and Others Series authored or co-authored by Dr. Berens
  • 5 different practical job aids
  • Worksheets and handouts
  • The Guide for Facilitating Self-Discovery Process (Cognitive Dynamics version) with scripted lesson plans and applications activities
  • PowerPoint files you can customize to fit into your work
  • Two hours (or more) individual time with Dr. Berens (greater than $500 value), plus 4 more hours of caring feedback on your work
  • And after completion of assessments, you will be InterStrength™ Cognitive Dynamics Certified
  • Plus if you complete the InterStrength™ Interaction Styles andInterStrength™ Essential Motivators certification courses, you will be eligible to apply for the InterStrength™ Self-Discovery Practitioner Certification

To learn more and register please click here.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Graduates of our prior licensing workshops, please contact us if you are interested in updating to the Certification.


We will be using the user friendly Zoom platform for our live, online discussions and another online platform where your course materials will be available to you. You will do best using a computer or a larger tablet so visuals display large enough to read easily. Your experience will be better if you have the bandwidth to turn on video so you can see other participants in our breakout groups. You will need a headset with microphone to keep external noise down and you can participate more freely. You will receive all the technical information you need when we send you the links to log in.

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