Essential Motivators Workshop

What are core psychological needs, values and talents? What needs are so essential to existence that we will go to great lengths to get them met?

This impactful one-day workshop helps you answer these questions and more. Learning about Temperament differences helps identify talents and nurture those talents to fully engage them. You will gain the following benefits for yourself and those you lead, coach, or facilitate:

  • Help others bring all of who they are to the workplace or wherever you lead.
  • Have a bigger impact in your own work and your life.
  • Leverage the benefits of conflicting viewpoints and appreciate the diversity in others.
  • Improve your ability to relate to people who are different from you.
  • Recognize and foster talents and core values for more engagement of those you and work with.
  • Discover what stresses you and others and learn what to do about it.

The Temperament-related core needs and values have been with us from the beginning along with the talents that help us scratch the itch that the needs create. But talents do not become skills unless they are practiced and nurtured. Some of us have not been free to express this powerful aspect of our being and we need to reclaim it, which often leads to a release of energy. Others of us have had access to exercising our talents, but we are not aware of how unconscious and automatic they are so expect others to respond in the same way.

Learning about Essential Motivators will open up a deep understanding of different perspectives, different talent agendas, and sources of conflict and stress.

In this workshop you will explore your own Essential Motivator Pattern and learn the essential qualities of this pattern so you can share it more effectively with others and apply it to your work.

Fee: $395 Early registration discounted rate of $295

Workshop includes: A facilitated 1-year license for the powerful Matrix Insights team and leadership development software’s Essential Motivator lens and the Essential Motivator Toolkit to help you start using the Essential Motivator lens right away.


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