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Exploring Interaction Styles in The Communication Zone®—On Demand


Experience the complete Linda Berens series of four online Interaction Styles workshops on demand for this introductory price of only $169!

Take yourself on a journey of self development and discover the power of Interaction Styles in The Communication Zone.

The Interaction Styles lens can get you into The Communication Zone, a state of rapport where communication flows easily, all parties feel heard and understood, and interpersonal connections are built. With your understanding of different styles, your communication becomes more effective and clear. It is easier to get work done and resolve tensions before they become destructive conflict. The workshops in this on-demand series consist of four 2-hour web based workshops that have been recorded for you.

In these four workshops you will identify your core drivers when you interact with others and build the foundation for effective communication. If you are a type practitioner, you will also deepen your understanding of the Interaction Styles model.

Three of the workshops below are $125 each when attending the live presentation. Recordings of these popular live workshops are now available for $169 for all four workshops. The recordings include slides, presenter audio, participant audio including chat questions, comments and presenter responses. Note that Community of Practice member discounts are automatic. For APTi and Alumni discounts, enter your discount code.

The curriculum for these workshops is based on four pillars that support success, growth, transformation and sustainable change. Each of the courses touches on all of these pillars with the emphasis varying according to the purpose of the course.

  1. Self-Knowledge
  2. Content Knowledge
  3. Use and Applications
  4. Skills and Practices


Introduction to The Communication Zone videoGetting Into The Communication Zone

This 2-hour web workshop will lay the foundation for you to get into the communication zone. It is more than a webinar and is a prerequisite for the other three workshops in the series.

Join us to  . . .

  • Learn more about how to understand yourself and others in very powerful ways.
  • Find out how to use some other lenses with your work with typology tools like the MBTI® instrument.
  • Discover ways to make your use of type more impactful and enduring.
  • Get a few communication tips to get you started.

Building Rapport 1-What’s Your Interaction Style-first slideBuilding Rapport 1: What’s Your Interaction Style? What’s Theirs?

Rapport is established and maintained in subtle ways during our interactions.

  • Learn how your natural energy pattern and how to shift into neutral or a different energy.
  • Recognize your own natural inclinations and recognize the patterns in others.
  • Identify your own style through a facilitated process of self-discovery.
  • Become aware of the drivers of many of your interactions as well as the stressors that result when they are not met.

Prerequisite: Getting Into The Communication Zone


Building Rapport 2: What are your Interaction Style Dynamics?Building Rapport 2

Develop an understanding of Interaction Style Dynamics.

  • Identify some of your blind spots in interacting with others.
  • Learn specific ways to shift your communications and role relationships to improve your communication.
  • Pinpoint your own Interaction Style Dynamics preferences through a facilitated process of self-discovery.
  • Become aware of ways you may be confusing or turning others off.

Prerequisites: Getting Into The Communication Zone and recommended Building Rapport 1



Going Deeper into Interaction StylesGoing Deeper Into Interaction Styles

This workshop takes you deeper into the Interaction Style Lens of personality type.

  • You will explore decision making, communications, stress and conflict in relation to your own best-fit Interaction Style pattern. You will have an opportunity to clarify your own style as well as understand the energy patterns of others so you can recognize them more easily.



Price: $169.00


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