The Type Connection Workshop

What information and evaluation processes do we tend to privilege and how do we tend to think about nearly everything? What are our blind spots that get in the way of effective communications and life management? What are our natural paths to development?

This revealing one-day workshop will help you answer these questions and get to the depth of understanding behind the four-letter type code. Learning about the Cognitive Dynamics lens helps identify ignored sources of information and evaluation processes that can get in the way of effective problem solving. It also identifies unconscious patterns of development that are sometimes stressful and sometimes quite negative. You will gain the following benefits for yourself and those you lead, coach, or facilitate:

  • Help others bring all of who they are to the workplace or wherever you lead or contribute.
  • Have a bigger impact in your own work and your life.
  • Leverage the benefits of conflicting viewpoints and appreciate the diversity in others.
  • Improve your ability to relate to people who are different from you.
  • Recognize and foster development in yourself and others.
  • Discover sources of stress in relationships and in work and learn what to do to better manage this stress.

Cognitive Dynamics reveals important information about ourselves that we have most likely have not had language to express.

This workshop will help you relate Interactions Styles and Essential Motivators to the Jungian based type code. It provides a map to blind spots, pitfalls, stressors, and communication challenges. In this workshop you will take an in-depth look at cognition and you can see how you are inclined to think about things, your cognitive worldview, your developmental path, and your shadow side.

You will learn practices to use for yourself and with your clients for identifying situations of overusing some kinds of information and evaluation processes as well as ways to stretch into using those that are less comfortable.

Fee: $395 Early registration discounted rate of $295

Workshop includes: A facilitated 1-year license for the powerful Matrix Insights team and leadership development software’s Personality Type lens and the Type Connection Toolkit to help you start using Cognitive Dynamics right away and share type in a powerful and meaning way with your clients.

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