Mastering the CORE of Self-Leadership

A workshop for the leader in everyone. This workshop is valuable for anyone, whether in an official leadership role or not. You at least lead yourself and influence others in many of your roles. All leadership starts with self-leadership so this workshop can complement any leadership development program you may attend.

This 3 day in-person workshop is designed for Individuals, Leaders, Managers, Team Members and anyone wanting to develop their potential and increase their effectiveness.

It can also be useful for change agents and growth agents who want to learn more about themselves as well as their clients or who want to eventually pursue Certification in the Berens CORE™ Approach. Psychological type practitioners will also benefit by experiencing the Berens CORE™ Approach first hand and learning more about type differences and similarities. Note: this is not a train-the-trainer workshop and we will not be using type code language until day three.

Everyone is a leader, if only of themselves. All leadership starts with self-leadership. We all have a constant core that is at the center of who we are. It has always been there even as it has evolved over time. Do you know what is at your center of power that governs your actions? If you don’t know, then that center is running you. No matter who or where you lead, you need to be managing yourself as well as those you lead. In the process of mastering the CORE of your own self-leadership, learn about what drives and motivates others and how to better communicate with, relate to and lead them.

The Berens CORE™ Approach is a set of practices for fostering self-leadership in all kinds of situations. Self-leadership is fundamental to effective leadership, teamwork, and the agility required in today’s complex, rapidly changing world. Self-leaders operate with high levels of self-awareness and personal self-management. They tend to be self-determining, managing their lives so they are intrinsically motivated. The practices guide individuals through processes of Centering, Opening, Relating, and Expanding.

The first step is Centering—Recognizing and connecting to the unconscious operating systems that are driving our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The constant core of your own center consists of the essential aspects of hidden and often unclaimed goodness as expressed through talents, deep motivations, drives, and how you naturally think about things. Knowing these aspects of yourself will help you deal wlth your own immunity to change and also get yourself out of the way of leading others. It will help you identify talents and core drivers and nurture those talents to fully engage them.

The next step is Opening— Opening to new situations where we can use our own strengths and to perspectives and approaches other than our habitual ones. The Opening practices help you take charge of your own self-leadership as well as make space for others to bring their own strengths and perspectives to areas where you have a shared interest.

Next comes Relating—Increasing our capacity to connect with others and to relate to the various contexts we are in. The Relating practices help you increase your adaptability and agility in communication and developing effective relationships.

The last step is Expanding—Increasing our capacity to sense beyond our blindspots into what is needed and what is emerging. When we are stuck in our own unconscious operating systems, we limit what we can see and how much complexity we can manage. This expanding can lead to real growth and development in yourself and even in others around you.

You will get a deep understanding of how the three major personality type lenses apply to you and where you are in your life. Each of these lenses brings different information to understanding yourself and others. They are easy to grasp and remember, giving you a practical language to help you self-manage and improve relationships of all kinds.You will. . . .

  • Have a bigger impact in your own work and your life.
  • Help yourself (and others) bring all of who you/they are to the workplace or wherever you lead.
  • Leverage the benefits of conflicting viewpoints and appreciate the diversity in others.
  • Improve your ability to relate to people who are different from you.
  • Recognize and foster talents and core values for more engagement.
  • Discover what stresses you and others and learn what to do about it.

The Mastering the CORE of Self-Leadership experience will help you reach your goals while staying in harmony with the constant core of who you are. Using the powerful CORE lenses of personality you will arrive at a deep understanding of yourself as well as of others. Each of these lenses reveals important information about yourself that you most likely have not had language to express. For some, these aspects have been denied and need to be reclaimed. Either way, it is a joyful, rejuvenating experience to find your CORE self. 

Time Commitment:

Prior to the workshop, you will have an individual interview with a facilitator, spend from 2-3 hours in completion of two on-line instruments and some self-reflective worksheets to be completed no later than one week prior to the workshop.

The workshop starts with introductions and includes dinner at 6 pm on day 1 (except for the July workshop). Please do not miss this important beginning. The workshop hours are from 8:30am – 5:30pm During the workshop expect to spend at least an hour in the evening doing some reading and reflective practices. To get the full benefit of the workshop, you will need to stay until the end, so please schedule your travel so that you can stay through the end of the last day.

Fee of $1295 includes: Break refreshments, workshop materials, processing by the facilitator of pre-work, and ample break time for reflection and movement. Note: Early registration discount given so register early. APTi, Alumni, and Radiance house members receive an additional discount. Contact for discount codes.

Workshop Materials include: The Mastering the CORE of Self-Leadership comprehensive binder with practices for you to use everyday, including four Understanding Yourself and Others booklets and communication clues cards:

  • An Introduction to the 4 Temperaments, 4.0
  • An Introduction to Interaction Styles, 2.0
  • The Sixteen Personality Types—Descriptions for Self-Discovery
  • An Introduction to the Personality Type Code

Learning Path for Certification in the Berens CORE™ Approach:

While this workshop is not a train-the-trainer program, it is the foundation program for completing Certification in the Berens CORE™ Approach. If you want to pursue this certification, you must participate in this foundational program as well as other requirements. If you want to use these processes and lenses in your work as a coach, a change agent or Human Resources professional, we recommend you take the Facilitation Training, which includes the Mastering the CORE of Self-Leadership Workshop plus prework, two more days of how to facilitate the process with individuals and teams, and 4 post workshop Facilitation Essentials web-workshops and access to the 10 Communication Zone online workshops. You can take the Mastering the CORE of Self-Leadership Workshop and later sign up for the Facilitation Training or the Certification program and an adjustment will be made in the price. Contact us for more information at service(at) or 714-625-9475.

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