The Human Agility Experience

New podcast interview with Linda Berens about Human Agility Mapping

What is this workshop about?

Human understanding is one of the direst needs in families, workplaces, and organizations. Achieving true human understanding requires understanding how people make meaning of things and what influences their behavior, their relationships, and even the kinds of organizations they prefer to participate in. This understanding has to start with each individual.

As Stephen Covey said, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Human Agility Mapping reveals deep unconscious operating systems that drive you. Once identified, this Mapping helps you gain true understanding of yourself and others. If you are a change agent working as a coach, a consultant, or an executive, you need to have this understanding of yourself before you can begin to use it to help effecting any behavior change in others. This also applies to parents as they work to provide the guidance needed by their children as well as to individuals seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. It all starts with you, but in the process you understand others at a level you never have before.

Experience Human Agility Mapping for yourself in this 3-day, fun and exciting workshop. You will identify the basic rules of your most hidden unconscious operating systems—your unconscious automatic ways of being and behaving—so you can…

  • Deeply understand your unconscious sources of stress
  • Better manage your stress and even help others with their stress
  • More effectively engage with others
  • Dramatically improve your communication
  • Increase your sense of purpose and engagement in your communities, families, and work life

Create your own Human Agility Map using three powerful lenses to identify your core self and your developed self. These lenses identify some core ‘rules’ of your personality as well as talents to help you ‘follow’ those rules.

  • Interaction Styles—How we interact and influence others
  • Essential Motivators—Why we do what we do
  • Cognitive Dynamics—What processes we use to think about things

Experience and apply the Berens CORE Approach to becoming more agile by…

  • Centering back into your core self
  • Opening to new experiences and other perspectives
  • Relating to others in productive, meaningful ways
  • Expanding into new levels of development

Leave with tangible tools to support your own progress and growth, including the Human Agility Mapping Workbook and a 1-year license to the powerful and innovative Matrix Insights leadership and team development software.

Invest in yourself to become a more knowledgeable professional.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the Human Agility Mapping Certification and is included in the 5-day classroom portion of the year-long program. If you decide later to seek certification, you will be given a big discount and asked to go through the workshop again with the Certification cohort.

What Happens After I Register?

Once you register and pay the tuition, you’ll receive a welcome and confirmation letter in addition to the confirmation you receive if you register on line. It will provide specific instructions on the location and any pre-workshop preparation.

What if I Have Questions Before I Register?

You can also email your questions to If you’d like to discuss the program with an expert over the phone about the Human Agility Mapping Experience or Human Agility Mapping Certification, you may call us at: 714-623-8756

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