Check out our new Human Agility Mapping Certification Workshop, August 4-8, in Orange County, CA.

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The Curriculum

The curriculum is based on four pillars that support success, growth, transformation and sustainable change. Each of the courses touches on all of these pillars with the emphasis varying according to the purpose of the course.

  1. Self-Knowledge
  2. Content Knowledge
  3. Use and Applications
  4. Skills and Practices

The curriculum has been developed after careful consideration of what knowledge, skills, and practices are needed to release untapped energy, improve communication and relationships, promote well-being, and organizational health using the models of individual differences such as the Berens CORE lenses. The curriculum consists of three levels—Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level builds on knowledge learned in the previous ones or through other sources.

Foundation Courses for Personal and Professional Development

These foundation courses are designed for individuals who are seeking personal and relationship development. The path to that development is through increased understanding of self and others as well as specific practices.

Intermediate Courses for Professional Development

These professional development courses are designed for practitioners who want to learn best practices for working with psychological type and tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument.

  • On-line Facilitation Essentials Series
  • One-on-one meta coaching
  • Blended learning Human Agility Mapping Certification Workshop leading to becoming certified in Human Agility Mapping using the lenses and materials for self-discovery, team development, and learning events in their own practices or organizations
  • Content specific master classes for teamwork, leadership, conflict and other application areas will be offered periodically
  • Independent Study can also be arranged as well as research advisory services

Advanced Master Practitioner Development Programs

The advanced programs are for consulting, coaching and organization development professionals who want to join an elite community of practitioners who value demonstrated competency in delivering workshops, working with organizations, and with individual clients.

  • Meta-consulting by appointment
  • New workshops are in the planning stages so stay tuned




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