Exploring Human Agility—Part 1

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Last year, we began to focus on one of the outcomes of our work—human agility. Since that time we made this visible in our certification program description. We have received some questions about human agility so we decided I would do a series of videos explaining more. This blog links to two of them.

In this first video, I identify some key aspects of human agility and suggest a little about how type awareness contributes.

In this second video, I share with you the importance of self-management and its relationship to perspective taking. I also talk about how type knowledge can help you with self-leadership and self-management. Actually I believe it opens the door to human agility in ways that a direct focus on ‘developing’ human agility doesn’t.

You can read more about Human Agility on this website and I will be adding more to that. Also I suggest you read the following blogs:

Leadership Starts with Self-Leadership

Perspective Taking—Opening the Doors

And an article I wrote a long time ago (and needs updated graphics, but the content is still solid).

Stay tuned for more in this series.

I hope you enjoy them.